Vessels 2.0 Box Set

Limited edition 3-LP set featuring 24 tracks - LP1 and LP2
LP3 - 9 acoustic and remixed bonus tracks
Special edition metapoly and embossed tri-fold package with alternative artwork and housed in a silver static shield bag

Vinyl variants:
LP1 - DESERT - Translucent Yellow w/ Orange and Green Smoke
LP2 - FOREST - Translucent Green w/ Blue and Beige Smoke
LP3 - CITY - Translucent Orange w/ Blue and Purple Smoke

Track List:
1. The Order
2. Satellite
3. Frequency
4. Die For You
5. Ricochet
6. Starlight
7. Into The Unknown
8. Gravity Of You

1. Back To The Earth
2. Last To Fall
3. Bringing It Down
4. Unbecoming
5. Monster
6. Telepathic
7. Everglow

1. Bringing It Down (Version 2.0)
2. Die For You (Acoustic Version)
3. Telepathic (Acoustic Version)
4. Starlight (Acoustic Version)
5. Ricochet (Acoustic Version)
6. Satellite (Acoustic Version)
7. Love You To Death
8. Telepathic (Not Your Dope Remix)
9. Satellite (TRAILS Remix)

Album Release Date is November 16th 2018
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