Anatomy Of A Ghost      


Anatomy of a Ghost's Debut CD! Refreshing, heavy, complex and melodic. Blurring the lines of progressive rock and hardcore. Constantly on tour with bands such as Fear Before The March Of Flames, Saosin...Inspired by Coheed and Cambria, Thursday and Thrice

  1. Birth Of A Mile
  2. Set The Stage
  3. On To Morning Stars
  4. Streetlights, Empty Wells
  5. Distress In The Control Tower
  6. Since Yesterday
  7. Satellites In Fists
  8. Beauty Is In Its Embrace
  9. In Case Of Future Complications
  10. Last Transmission

Fearless Records ID: 72031 Catalog ID: 30 SKU: AOAGEVAN00-CD00 Created: 10/21/2006
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